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UIC60 Rail fastening system

S49 hypr-elactic fastening system

UIC54 fastening system

Rail Clip W14 - Vossloh Rail Clip SKL14

پابند فنري امگا

Omega Rail Clip

پابند فنري امگا

30 tonnes axle load Rail Clip

300 series rail clip

Screw Spike with Washer

S49 Rail Base Plate

UIC54 Fish Plate

Spike screw

Fish plate Bolt , nut, and double coil washer

Bace plate plastic pad

Guide plate


Double and Triple Washer

Spring Dowel

Rail pad

Guage Block

M22 Bolt and nut

پیچ T30

U33 Fish plate

S49 Fish plate

UIC60 Fish plate

Special M25 Bolt

Common railroad Bolt&Nut

K type rail clip

Chain Conveyor Link

3X ordinary tamping tine

Tungsten carbide 3X tamping tine

U-Bolt 105

Chain conveyor 506

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