Facilities and Equipment



General tests including tensile, compression, harsness, fatigue, metalography and micro structure inspection handle according to the latest valid standards.


Heat Treatment

Various heat treatments including Quenching and temperring well treat by continuous oven and atmosphere control environment


Producation shop

This shop equipped with various modern machines and hydraulic devices in order to produce a variety of parts.


Paint shop

A full automated paint line with 700 kg per hour capacity is ready for painting all metal and metallic parts.

Rail clip packages

These packages play the role of vibration control and withstanding against longitudinal forces in normal, high-speed, and freight rail lines.

Rail clips

 – SKL1 – SKL21  –  SKL15


 Axial load 25 tons - 30 tons - 300 series - omega

For meeting the required rail creep resistance two highly elastic, independently acting spring arms steadily hold the rail down; the middle bend acts as an additional tilting protection.With its high fatigue strength, it resists the dynamic vertical movements that are caused when the vehicle rolls over the rail. The system is maintenance free: due to the permanently acting tension, Skl and screw cannot loosen, the middle bend prevents the spring arms from plastic deformation.


PICO Products

 With the use of various advanced and up-to-date devices, Sepahan's leading Kooshan Kooshan company has started to produce a wide range of rail tools and various production parts in other industries.

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