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This laboratory is a partner of various organizations in the field of complete tests of railway equipment.
General tests including tensile, compression, hardness, fatigue, metallography and microscopic construction for raw material and finished parts are done according to valid standards. special tests could be performed on customer demand accordingly.

Metalography Lab

This laboratory is able to determine metallic microscopic construction, surface hardness depth, de-carbonization depht, and coating quality up to *1000 magnification.professional photography system and image analyzing software make the possibility of exact statistical studies.

Mechanical Tests

The laboratory is able to perform all ordinary tests such as tensile, compression, hardness, and fatigue according to customer demand.
1- Tensile Test
A device with 25 tons capacity equipped with extensometer and a complete sets of grips performs this type of test.
2- Compression test
This test is performing in various speeds by a device with 25 tons capacity.
3- Hardness Test
All hardness test types (Rockwell, Brinell, and VicKers )
4- Fatigue Test
The laboratory is able to perform fatigue test in a wide range of force, frequency, displacement, and fixture design

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